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Frequently Asked Questions?

How Long Until My New Site is Live?
We can have your new website up and running in as little as 2 weeks. Yes - two weeks!

How Much Are Updates?
Nothing...they are included in your monthly fee. Never pay extra for updates.  just send your updates  to us and we'll take care of it for you - free- of charge!

Do I Need a Desktop and a Mobile Site?
Yes! In today's fast paced economy it is so necessary to have a site for users on the go! In 2020 mobile web browsing was predicted to overtake desktop Internet usage and it did. In our world, 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop! Don't be left out! Your site design is always mobile ready! It is compatible with any tool or browser!

Why Do I Need a Website?
Your business website could be the most important point of contact for your company, the first place potential customers, vendors, and even future employees will visit to learn more about you. Here is how the process starts.  We begin by listening to our clients’ vision for their custom web design project.  Next, we make recommendations on how we believe we can help with your custom web design based on what you told us.  Our goal is to create a custom web design for your company that will grab people's attention, tell visitors to your site a story and build their trust.  In the end, you want your business to succeed and we help make that a reality by creating custom web designs that don’t disappoint and will keep your customers coming back to you for more.

I Just Have a Facebook Page, Isn't That Enough?

While Facebook is great for a lot of things, there are many reasons why having a Facebook page simply isn't enough if you want to survive as a business. Just to name a couple 1) Not everyone is on Facebook, there are actually a lot of people who purposely avoid it and 2) Facebook has a habit of placing advertisements on your business page, often of your competition. 

What is SEO, and How do I do it?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means that we use keywords from your website that people search for so your website will come up in the search results. It's that easy!

What is Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Compliant?
Web accessibility means that websites, tools, and technologies are designed and developed so that people with disabilities can use them. More specifically, people can: perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the Web. contribute to the Web.

Can I Connect my Social Media sites to my website?
Yes! You can connect just about any of your social media sites to your website! You are able to stream your Facebook, Twitter,Google+, Google Places,Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram and so on! You can connect your blog as well!

Where do I Host My Website?
Creatively Crafted Web Design Solutions is your host! We handle all of the hosting, servicing, and maintenance of your website!

How do I Buy a Domain Name?
We will purchase your own domain and the cost is included in our design and set-up one time fee.

I would like an E-Commerce website to sell my products?
No problem!! We offer an E- Commerce Plan for 10-30 products with a Shopping Cart feature that can be connected to your merchant account.

Do I have support?
Yes! Submit a support ticket on our contact page and get a response or your issue is resolved in one business day. We are also a phone call away.

Are there contracts?
No. We are a month to month service provider. If your not happy you can quit anytime. We will remove your website out of the web.

Do You Have a Privacy Policy?
Yes....you can access it here....PRIVACY POLICY
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